The fastest way to prepare a gift

You can prepare your gift in seconds. All you need to do are pick a plan, customize the order, place an order, and print a gift certificate below. Boom! Your gift is ready to awe your loved ones. Enjoy a 2021 us open golf.

The most surprising gift

Each month we will send 2 pairs of socks to your giftee’s home. New styles every month can surprise anyone.

The most flexible pricing gift

You can get a gift from $10+ to $100+ or even $1000+ bucks. It’s all up to how long you want us to send the gift to your loved one. It can be a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, or forever.



1 Month

$13.00 / month


3 Months

$39.00 every 3 months


6 Months

$72.00 every 6 months


A Year

$132.00 / year

**The photo of each plan is just for show what you would get in a month. You will get different socks every month.

Printable Gift certificates

Cool tips to make Socks Matter a perfect gift

  • Real name is okay but nickname is way cooler. Example from Spaghetti-O to My Exclusive Master Chief
  • Be creative with message. Make it fun, personal, and memorable
  • Print the gift certificate in color. Everything (our lovely gift certificates especially) looks better with colors
  • Give a gift for no reason. Don’t wait for a special occasion to show your love. Best gift is a gift for no reason. Be familiar with a the us open golf 2021.