Do Socks Matter? Your socks can tell more about you than what you think

do socks matter

Everyone knows you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at the shoes they wear. But if you want to know more about them, checkout the kind of socks they are putting on. “What do you mean their socks?”, I hear you say. Yeah, their socks!

Do socks matter?

You might not believe me when I say socks matters a lot in our life. For many, putting on the right type of socks is not that important. They believe socks are meant just to absorb sweat and prevent your shoes from giving out that foul odor. That may be the main use of the socks, but socks are not there to absorb sweats only. There’s more to it! Socks can have a lot of cause and effects in our life. Don’t worry, you’ll come to understand as you continue to read.

Getting your socks wrong can make your very nice clothing look whack! It’s just like a luxurious tuxedo with very visible stains on it. Click To Tweet

How Important are socks?

Getting your socks wrong – like putting on athletic socks with casual leather shoes (very common) can make your very nice clothing look whack! It’s just like a luxurious tuxedo with very visible stains on it. Don’t you agree with me? Ha! If you don’t, then I guess you are guilty of it.

Picking the right socks to wear might be an easy or unimportant thing to you. Or maybe it is to you and you spend time trying to wear socks matching your tie, hat or an accessory. But have you ever thought about what your socks actually says about your character? Have you ever thought of how socks influence or affect people’s perspective of you? Have you ever thought of how your socks can influence your psychological state?

Socks reveals your personality

You sure can get a hang of someone’s personality just by looking at their clothes. But do you know you can do the same by looking at their socks. Just like your clothing, shoes, or accessories, socks can tell a lot about yourself. The colors of the socks you put on, the pattern, and how you mix them with your clothing, reveals a lot!

  • If you like plain socks, it doesn’t mean you are plain or simple. There’s a high chance you are a no-nonsense kinda person. You know how to get things done. This makes you the ‘leader’ type of person.
  • If you prefer striped socks, it shows that you fancy things that are reliable and dependable. You are a very reliable person yourself. You are trustworthy and a very good listener. You are also very good at keeping secrets.
  • You may choose argyle socks which means you are the adventurous type. You love exploring and taking risks. You would much rather go scuba diving than shopping with a friend.
  • Zigzag Striped Socks means you are unique, different from your friends. You are the creative type who likes to think outside the box. Many artists fall into this category.

There are many other kinds of socks with different stories to tell.

Socks can also tell your emotions

If you are happy, sad, excited, you will pick different socks for the day. Will you wear a crazy, bright colored, patterned socks out on a day you are feeling blue? When you are having an upbeat mood, you’ll likely put on bright colored socks, irregular patterned socks.

I was used to wearing dull-colored socks in the past, but I can recollect a very memorable day; I was so happy that day that I chose to wear a red and blue striped pair of socks to a get-together. My friends there were all saying that they felt something different about me. They even asked why I was feeling excited. Trust me, I wasn’t smiling any more than other people at the get-together would. It was later I got to know the magic my socks performed when my best friend made a complement on my socks. Hmm.., your socks can reveals your emotions!

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Socks can affect your psychological state

While the way we feel affects the type of socks we wear, the reverse may also hold true. The socks we wear can affect how we cope. It can affect our psychological state. That means apart from telling your personality type or your emotion, socks can also affect how we feel! Like wearing a crazy pair of socks might help us feel braver and more unpredictable.

During days when we feel moody, stressed or depressed, a quick little fix will be to wear brightly colored socks. Bright colors can boost our mood and gives us more energy. Wanna pick up a black sweatshirt to hide a bad day? Why not reach out for that bright colored one instead? It may just help brighten up your mood!

Socks can help you socially

Your socks can leave a lasting effect on everybody you meet at a party, work, sport center, on a date. That crucial first impression left by your socks could affect your everyday life, your social life.

The right socks will make you stand out from the crowd. Like in a place where everyone is wearing black or white socks, eye-catching socks will make you be – and feel – unique. You know, it takes a bold individual to put on a pair of socks covered in dragon patterns or neon colors and proudly walk around in them. People who aren’t bold enough to wear this kind of socks, will respect him for it!

It can also be a good ice-breaker or conversation starter! Sometimes I go to parties wearing crazy or mismatched socks and have people approach me and comment on my socks – mostly the opposite sex (wink) – which is a good conversation starter. Some of these conversations even lead to open doors or opportunities for me!

Now, we know the roles socks play in our life. You are what you wear. We now know how important socks are, how they tell and also influence our personalities and emotions. Socks can really tell more about you than you think. Funny enough, with socks, you can now improve your life. You now know how you can affect yourself and the people around you with your socks! Are you wearing the right socks? Start your sock game now!


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