8 Tips on Matching Your Socks to Your Outfit Perfectly

8 Tips on Matching Your Socks to Your Outfit Perfectly

While putting together an outfit is not as hard as solving a Rubik’s cube, it’s also not as easy as ABC. A lot of people might think that men have it easier, and that all we have to do is just throw on whatever we have in our closets, and boom, our outfit is complete. This mentality is wrong and I am sure lots of men everywhere would agree with me that waking up every morning and dressing up for work, and even other social functions is not as easy as it looks.

You know how sometimes the smallest details can cause the biggest problem while dressing up, for some people this detail might be tying their shoelaces and for others – lots of other people, in fact – this problem arises when it comes to matching their socks to the rest of their outfit. Though it may seem like such a tiny and unimportant piece of clothing, socks matter a lot in the final look of the outfit in general.

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Why Socks and Matching Your Socks are Extremely Important

Socks are a necessity, and you really can’t do with them in your every day get-up. As long as you are wearing shoes with closed toes such as sneakers, loafers, or boots. They maintain the warmth of your feet, and keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. They are an important and indispensable part of your outfit, so you have to have them on every day.

You also don’t have to stick to regular plain old white socks, or even black socks. You can put on colored socks, or even patterned socks that aren’t too bold. If you want to, you can also dare to be bold, and dare to be different, and opt for socks that are bright, bold, and daring. Appropriate socks are important, and if they match your general outfit, your outfit will look more collected.

How to Match your Socks with Your Outfit perfectly

If you’re looking for ways to and tips on matching your socks and wearing the perfect pair of socks each time, you are at the right place. Some of the tips are:

1. Slowly build and grow your collection: A lot of people, yourself included, might have a drawer full of just black and white socks. If you’re still skeptical about diving into the world of colored and patterned socks, you can start by slowly growing and expanding your collection. Get plain colored socks, socks with patterns like plaid, polka dots, and stripes. Start growing your sock collection by subscribing now.

2. Socks and sandals are a bad idea: Socks are great for shoes with closed toes, but when paired with sandals, that’s a fashion faux pas.

3. Don’t pair your socks directly with your tie: This will make it seem like you’re trying too hard. You can choose instead to match your socks with something else, like your trousers.

4. When you’re not sure what to wear, put on tonal socks: This should be your go-to choice when you’re unsure of what to wear. The color of your socks should closely match the color of your trousers, and they should be either a few shades darker or a few shades lighter than the trousers.

5. Your socks shouldn’t be an exact match with your shoes: If your shoes are the exact same shade as your socks, it creates an unflattering illusion, known as the “bottle effect”.

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6. White socks can actually be a bore: Don’t be the guy that wears only white socks every day. White socks are boring and drab. They get dirty very easily, and are impossibly hard to wash, save white socks for the gym, and opt for colored socks when heading to work or a social function.

7. Pair funky socks with a lace-up: This is a great pairing idea, and it’s regarded as a match made in heaven.

8. Know where to wear what: You can reserve the bold and bright patterned socks for more casual and informal occasions, and use more reserved patterns for work or occasions that are a bit more formal.

Bear in mind that socks are the ultimate accessory. They do as much for your outfit as a good-looking wristwatch, any other piece of jewelry, a pocket square, a bow or a tie would.

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