5 Simple But Essential Things To Remember When Wearing Socks With Sneakers

Wearing Socks With Sneakers

Sneakers are hands-down one of the most comfortable shoes to have ever been invented. Not to mention that they are very versatile too! You can wear your sneakers to work, to school, to an event, or just to hang with the guys/girls. Everyone has at least a pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. To answer the style question that has been plaguing your mind: yes, you should wear socks with your sneakers. Socks help to absorb sweat from your feet and prevent ‘fink’ (feet + stink = ‘fink’). Plus, doesn’t it just feel plain wrong sliding your bare feet into your sneakers? Do you not experience a micro trauma every time your bare toes strike the inside of your sneakers? Aha!

Now that we’ve established that sneakers should never be worn without socks, you should know that it’s very easy to commit a fashion faux pas when pairing your socks with your sneakers. Have no fear! Socks Matter is here to tell you the right ways to wear socks with sneakers.

1. Sock Fabric Matters

In addition to style, socks also come in various fabrics – wool, cotton, acrylic etc. It’s important that you wear the correct type of socks with your sneakers to fit the occasion at hand. This is not just a style tip, but one that ensures your comfort. For example, wool socks are best worn with sneakers when playing active sports (e.g. basketball or hiking). This is because wool easily absorbs any moisture generated from your feet from the continuous movement. The wool also cushions your feet and prevents chaffing. For people with wool allergies, acrylic socks are a good alternative to wool. Cotton socks, on the other hand, are best worn for casual events – picnics, fun outings and the like. They are lightweight and a good choice for comfort when you’re not likely to get involved in activities that will make your feet sweat.

2. Sock Length Matters

While you should wear socks with sneakers, you don’t want to look awkward while doing it. Imagine wearing knee-length socks with skinny jeans! Not a pretty picture, right? This is where your ‘no-show’ socks come in. They go beautifully with flowing dresses or skirts and sneakers. That way you can be comfortable, while still looking good. It’s just tacky to show off a hairy leg when your trousers inevitably ride up as you sit down. Jeans or pant trousers should be worn with ankle or crew socks. Leggings (yes, they classify as socks!) may be worn with a mini outfit (skirt or shorts or dress).

white sneaker with crew sock

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3. Don’t Go Overboard

Socks have recently skyrocketed in popularity and become a means of self-expression. People choose their sock color, pattern to reflect their mood and their personality. That’s all good and fine. What is clothing if not a means of self-expression? Here’s the gag though: don’t overdo it! The wrong pair of socks can and will ruin your outfit. If you’re going for crazy patterns, make sure your sneakers aren’t overly clashing with them. Clashing colors have become a thing in fashion, but you don’t want to go about looking like a color riot. Sometimes, less is more.

4. Be Creative

Not going overboard does not, in any way, mean you should be boring with your sock choice. We’re not just talking pattern too. Socks now come in so many fun and interesting fabrics! Pair up your sneakers with sheer socks for a sexy look. You can go for tulle socks to liven up old kicks. If you like to live life on the edgy side, mesh socks are perfect for you. If you’re going for a space-themed party, why not try some star-embellished socks? You can match your socks to your purse, jewelry, belt, or wristwatch! There is a wide range of possibilities. You only have to expand your mind (and your sock drawer).

Comfort and confidence hold a lot of influence over how an outfit looks, in the end. Don’t try so hard to be trendy that you have to fake-smile through every picture you take while you’re out.Click To Tweet

5. Your Comfort Is Key

While keeping the above tips in mind, it is important to note the supreme tip for wearing sock with sneakers (or any fashion items actually): Your comfort is key! Ensure you are comfortable in both socks and sneakers before stepping out. Comfort and confidence hold a lot of influence over how an outfit looks, in the end. Don’t try so hard to be trendy that you have to fake-smile through every picture you take while you’re out.

Although they are possibly the most overlooked item in wardrobes worldwide, socks can make or break your outfit. Stay looking fly by pairing the right socks with your sneakers. If you’ve gotten some brilliant socks + sneakers ideas and you want to expand your sock drawer, subscribe now. We have a wide range of socks to choose from because, like our name states, we believe that socks matter.

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