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5 Reasons You Need a Sock Subscription – Here is the Best Choice for You

Nothing on the face of this planet, should ever come between you and your shoes – except your socks! You know that you need socks. You may not know that you need a sock subscription too. Here is a list of 5 reasons you need a sock subscription. These general reasons are:

  1. Prevent Running Out of Socks
  2. Never Get Bored
  3. A Monthly Surprise
  4. Never Have the Same Pair
  5. It Makes Sense

If that’s all you needed to know, head to the Home Page and select your subscription plan! But if you need more convincing, let’s continue.

Reason #1 – You Won’t Run Out of Socks

That day has finally arrived. You didn’t want it to, but in your heart of hearts, you knew this would happen. The weight of your drawer tells the tale as it’s pulled toward you, with an ease that causes your stomach to sink a little bit. Your eyes behold the unobstructed view of the wooden interior of your sock drawer.

All of your socks are in the dirty laundry!

You used to have plenty pairs of socks to rely on, but through time they’ve been tossed for one reason or another. Now it’s boiled down to you, the pair that are on your feet who are desperately pleading for mercy, and that pair of socks staring at you from the drawer, which you’ve been ignoring for several months.

You know the ones. The pair with holes in the toes, or the quitter top. You swore never to use them unless you absolutely had to. Now you’re forced to deal with your toes sticking through holes, slightly discolored, or quitter top socks, throughout the entirety of your day.

And yes, as karma would have it, this will be the day where you find yourself in a situation that your shoes must come off publicly. Isn’t that how these things work?

The Inevitable Happens

Maybe you’ve gone out with friends or co-workers, and everyone agreed to go to that fancy oriental restaurant. You know, the one that requires that you take your shoes off! Or, you’re expected to attend a family function at your in-law’s house, and they also try to make everyone take their shoes off at the door!

You wind up either becoming the source of gossip because you insisted to keep your shoes on, or you decide to introduce a couple of your toes to everyone attending. Everyone else is wearing nice crisp clean socks, and you’re wearing a pair that should have been retired to deck staining duty years ago!

Don’t allow this to happen to you!

Life can be busy, and socks are a silent partner with you throughout all of it. They’re not going to leave you post-its, reminding you that you need new socks. This whole scenario can be easily avoided, with an online sock subscription. When you receive a couple of fun pairs of socks every month, you’ll never reduce your options down to using a couple of quitters!

Reason #2 – No Boring Socks Allowed!

You’ll never get bored with your subscription. More people nationwide are waking up to the fact, that fun socks are just as important to wear as fun clothes. If you’re a bland person that sports a bland wardrobe, living a bland life, and have surrounded yourself with all that’s bland, it’s time to shake things up! Even a simple change in what you wear on your feet can make all the difference in the world!

With a sock subscription, the very first delivery will be that one element to change your otherwise bland outfit into something that will be memorable and eye catching. Wearing a bland old suit with a fresh new pair of fun, comfortable socks, will tell others you’re just as capable of being interesting as being taken seriously.

More people nationwide are waking up to the fact, that fun socks are just as important to wear as fun clothes.Click To Tweet

Less is More

If you’re looking to change from same old’ same old’, to something that catches the eye, it can be downright expensive. New outfits can drain the coffers. Never underestimate the power of a pair of sox! This is the cheapest way to jazz up your outfit. That small tweak changes the overall appearance of any outfit.

Socks are the most taken for granted article of clothing that most of us wear on a daily basis. Because of this, when you stop taking socks for granted and allow them to add some fun to your wardrobe- it shows. They can be as dramatic of a statement as you desire them to be. Cheaply I might add.

Have some Fun!

Who made up the rule that bland, reserved, muted, socks have to be so commonplace? Give me a name! You’ll not find one. Have some fun with your socks through your monthly sock subscription! Never a dull delivery when you’re receiving exciting and fun socks to get in the mix. Because of your subscription with Socks Matter, you’ll find that your sock drawer will soon be filling up with more color than a Christmas tree! (These are always great around the holidays by the way.) Soon, your old boring socks will be looking through the papers for a new job.

Because of your subscription with Socks Matter, you’ll find that your sock drawer will soon be filling up with more color than a Christmas tree! Click To Tweet

Reason #3 – A Surprise Every Month

Who doesn’t love pleasant surprises? There’s something about a subscription that brings excitement into air as delivery day draws near. Magazines, coins, newspapers, etc. you name it; you never truly know what you’re going to get, right? With all of these, you generally know what you’ll be receiving, but not the particulars. You’ll foreknow that a magazine is coming in, but you won’t know what any of the articles will say till it arrives. If it’s coins, you know to expect coins on delivery day, but won’t know what kind of coins will be in the package till it’s opened. Would you really want it any other way?

All Part of the Fun

That’s why a wrapped gift is so much more fun than just handing over an unwrapped gift. Once the wrapped gift is handed over, the anticipation of the surprise begins to swell. Anybody who has subscribed to anything annual knows that feeling, it doesn’t matter what it is. There’s something to look forward to when expecting a subscription to arrive at your door. But it isn’t as much fun when you foreknow exactly what you’re going to receive, right? That’s the difference between expectation and anticipation.

Expectations are Boring

Expectation can be dull – kind of like reading the last chapter of a book, just to turn around and restart from the beginning. Or like having someone say the same exact things to you every day. After a while your eyes start to glaze over from the repetition. Sure, I’d suppose that catering toward expectation is safe. But we’re not talking about boarding a flight, where you’d rather expect all of the working components to function properly. We’re talking about an opportunity to take the mundane, and trade it over for a little extra excitement.

Anticipation of the Surprise

Anticipation of a surprise on the other hand, is far more exciting! When you have a couple of pairs of men’s or ladies’ socks scheduled to arrive soon, and you don’t know what to expect after opening the package, you start to experience excitement of anticipation.

Get your spouse or some friends in on the action as well! Have a “who’s wearing the most awesome socks of the month” competition- have fun and be creative! This makes the whole process just as much fun as dawning your new colorful socks! Heck, you might just wind up creating an annual event out of it when your peers are involved. In this event, a game of twister should be mandatory. No shoes allowed on the game board people!

Did you know that a gifting option is available at the Socks Matter website? This allows you to purchase a subscription for the sake of someone else, inviting them to join in on the surprise! Why not add a sock subscription into the fun of things to look forward to? Be caught up in the anticipation when you know it’s “that day,” and there’s a pleasant surprise on its way!

Reason #4 –Never Get the Same Two Pairs

You can go just about anywhere and get yourself some boring old white or black sox. A package of six or twelve, all the same and no frills. Well, unless you get a split package where ½ is one color, the other ½ another. You even have the privilege of paying more for a little logo of a popular brand across the toes or along the top. Yay; you get to pay more to promote someone else. Congratulations. Sounds about as much fun as a dentist appointment.

Nothing Unique about Repetition

When you get yourself into a sock subscription at Socks Matter, every pair shipped will be unique. No two pair the same!

Reason #5 – Because a Sock Subscription Makes Sense

Bear with me for a moment, and let’s talk about what makes sense, and what doesn’t. We’ve already talked about the different types of subscriptions out there that deliver a product to your door annually. The most popular two that come to my mind, would be magazines and newspapers. This leads me to a question… If you have (or have had) one of these types of subscriptions, what good are these after you’ve read through them?

Newspapers and magazines are here today, gone tomorrow products. Though threatened by being replaced by the internet, they still function on an active daily, weekly, or monthly, subscription base. The thing about these products, is that you can’t reuse them as they were originally intended to be used. What do I mean? You can’t re-read last week’s newspaper to get caught up on today’s news, right? Of course not! At that point, the newspaper is fit for the fireplace, wrapping up fish, or used for paper mâché projects. The Magazine either gets thrown out, or sits in a stack of other magazines, constantly being reshuffled but never really read as it was the first time. No matter the repurpose, it still doesn’t rekindle its original purpose, know what I mean?

Use as Intended

Because of how things have always been, certain things that might not make sense, seems to be the norm. In my opinion, subscribing for anything that you can’t use as intended more than once doesn’t make much sense in most cases. However, this is something that I think makes the most sense as it relates to a sock subscription. You’re subscribing to receive a product that you can reuse as you wish, when you wish.

Also, you’re not building up trash that you need to deal with later on, as you would wind up doing with other types of subscriptions. You’re growing a collection of socks that will, over time, populate that sock drawer. You only need to throw them out after you’ve trashed them, not just because you’ve used them once and are done with them. Keeping in mind that you get to reuse what you’ve paid for; doesn’t a sock subscription make more sense than other types out there?

Looking for a sock subscription? Look no further, Socks Matter is the best choice!

We’ve talked about why it’s an outstanding idea to get yourself involved with a sock subscription. There are other sock subscriptions available out there, but why should you choose Socks Matter as the provider of this sock service?

The following is a list of 12 reasons why we’re head and shoulders above the competition, and why you should slide your feet into doing business with Socks Matter.

1. Best price

Check out the prices of other sock subscription services out there. You’ll find they range from $11+/a month for one pair, to $20+/a month for 2 pair. With Socks Matter, only $12/month for 2 pairs. And if you subscribe longer, the price is better. A year for only $120 ($10/month for 2 pairs a month) –> best pricing.

2. Unique styles

We’ve got fun and unique styles that can only be found here. No worries over someone else winding up with the same kind of socks as you, unless of course they’ve also subscribed to Socks Matter.

“I couldn’t find these exact styles online so I think they are exclusive” – Debbie De Leon from Hello Subscription commented.

3. New styles every month

You’ll receive new styles of socks every month- never duplicated. 12 months = 24 different patterns of socks! Variety is the spice of life, and is something that we make sure to offer here at Socks Matter.

4. 2 types of socks a month – provide all types of socks you would need

You can pick and choose from crew socks, ankle socks, and no-show socks. Or you can just pick them all. As mentioned, you’ll get 2 types of socks per month for the duration of your subscription. Your two monthly types can be a combination of: crew socks, ankle socks, and no-show socks. Who says that you have to stick to the same types all the time? Why not mix it up a bit for a little fun?

5. High quality socks

Just because we’re cheaper, doesn’t mean that the quality has to suffer. Our socks are of great quality and as comfortable as could be. We want to keep you as a customer for as long as you need socks to wear on your feet. This will never happen with shabby quality socks. We understand, that in order for you to keep re-subscribing, the quality as well as comfort better be there! It is our responsibility to make sure that you’re happy with the quality of what you receive every month.

6. Various plans that fit all your needs

Monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. The longer the period of time you select, the better price gets. You can get at low as $10 a month if you subscribe for a year. The subscription will be automatically renewed. Just subscribe and get new socks every month. We will take care everything else. Take a gander at the different plans that we’ve got available for you to choose from on our webpage. Head out to see our plans.

7. Best gift ever

Socks Matter is the best gift! Buy your friend or loved one a subscription as a surprise gift for their birthday, or whatever the occasion may be. They’ll be surprised, and now you’ll have one more thing in common. Plus, you’ll get to show off your new socks to each other as they come in! Before you know it, your other friends will be asking where these are coming from, and this just might open up possibilities of getting yourself some free socks! You’ll see what I’m talking about below.

8. Chances to get free socks

The following is a list of different ways we make available for people to score some awesome free socks!

  • Refer a friend – You can be rewarded by referring your friends to sign up for a subscription! You Get a Free Pair of Socks & Your Friend Gets a Free Pair Too.
  • Sales & promotion – Fill out the form at the bottom of our website to subscribe for our newsletter to get updated on all our sales & promotion. We have many sales and promotion every month.
  • #mysocksmatter: (This program is for active customers only.)
    • After you received socks from us, take photos of your socks either on your feet or by themselves.
    • Share them on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with hashtag #MySocksMatter
    • If one of your photos is picked to feature on our channels, we’re happy to gift you a pair of our coolest socks.

9. One pair purchased = one pair donated

Now, let’s give some attention into one of many outstanding reasons that Socks Matter should be your choice over the competition. I’d like to introduce you to our Buy One – Give One program. This is the heart on the sleeve of the company. With every pair of socks you purchase, a pair of socks or something of equal value is donated to those who are in need, or organizations that support the needy. If there’s anyone who doesn’t see the value of this, try going without your socks for a while, particularly during winter. It isn’t much fun.

10. Skip a month or a few month

Going out of town? Is your sock drawer starting to burst from all of the cool socks that you’ve been receiving? No worries you have control what and when you’re receiving the socks. Simply log in to your account and skip a month, or a few months. Don’t forget to go back and reactivate your subscription to continue receive new socks.
More info:

11. Free shipping in the US

Who doesn’t appreciate free shipping? We’ve got that covered for you as well. Sometimes, what you don’t have to pay adds to the value of the service provided. This is one of those times.

12. Great customer service

We understand the importance of having a terrific customer service team – ready, willing, and able to help answer any questions that you may have. We don’t leave people twisting in the wind, waiting forever for some simple answers to their questions. Unlike some other online businesses, our customer service representatives don’t bite, but are friendly and at your service!

A blend of this wonderful incentive, and with all the other reasons we’ve talked about, is why Socks Matter should be considered the best monthly sock subscription out there. To get in the game, head to and get your subscription happening, more color happening, and more fun happening!

Start Your Subscription Now!

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