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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Outfit Stand Out in No Time

The way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed, they say. If you want to be seen as one capable of making impact, you must begin by standing out with the clothes you wear. Standing out doesn’t mean purchasing expensive clothes or over-loading your outfit with bling-blings; it is looking classy without having to break a bank.

Here, I’ll be discussing ten easy ways to make your outfit stand out without stressing it:

1. Invest in classic shoes

For me, the first things I notice about a person’s outfit are their shoes and I’m pretty sure there are millions of people out there like me. Michael from Cool Men Style emphasized that “A wrongly dressed paired of shoes will ruin your overall outlook that you try hard to create.” And according to a research conducted at the University of Kansas, it was discovered that people accurately determined other people’s salary, status and personality by simply looking at their shoes. Says a lot, right?

A wrongly dressed paired of shoes will ruin your overall outlook that you try hard to create.Click To Tweet

Opt for leather shoes instead of regular sneakers and watch the double level of respect that’ll be accorded to you. Also, always make sure your shoes are clean and well-polished. No matter how expensive your shoes are, if they’re dirty, they look awful. People tend to look down on others if they have dirty shoes on, so do yourself a favor and wear clean shoes every day.

2. Quality and Matching Belts

You’ll be looking like a total clown if you wear a belt that does not match your outfit or shoes. Belts might not look too important, but they are capable of spicing up or messing up your outfit.

3. Get a Five Button Vest

The good thing about a five-button vest is; you can wear it in a suit or blazer or wear it independently. A five-button vest on a collared shirt with a tie is a great way to look polished, professional and unique. With this outfit, you will look better than 99% of men in the room and guess what? You don’t have to break a bank to purchase one or two of these vests.

4. Wear a Wrist-Watch

Believe it or not, wearing a wrist watch will go a long way in making your outfit stand out. When shopping for watches, purchase ones with simpler and smaller designs; they will make you look and feel like a boss. In a world where virtually everyone checks the time on their phone; wearing a watch separates you from the crowd.

5. Add a Pocket Square

Standing out is easy with a pocket square. All you need to do is add your pocket square to that blazer, suit jacket, sports jacket or random jacket with a front pocket. Match the pocket square with any of the colors on your outfit and in no time, you’re ready to go. Wearing a pocket square makes you unique amongst other men wearing jackets in the room.

6. Smell Nice

As unimportant as this may sound, it is one of the most crucial thing needed to stand out. A nice cologne will not make you look better but will make you the talk of the occasion. It’ll boost your self-confidence and of course, attract women to you. John Moore from Guy Counseling indicated that “fragrances act as an unseen part of our persona. As a result, they hold the power to attract and persuade.”

Fragrances act as an unseen part of our persona. As a result, they hold the power to attract and persuade.Click To Tweet

Invest in one or two colognes that are suitable for you and stick to them. However, it is important that you do not use colognes that are harsh as they might irritate or choke people, thus, sending a wrong signal that you’re seeking for attention.

7. Wear a Suit

Men wearing well fitted and clean suits are usually get more attention than others wearing casuals in any gathering. Make sure your suit is well ironed because no-one will be willing to reckon with someone wearing a rumpled suit. In fact, you’ll be seen as unserious and lacking direction. Also, remember that your suit color should always suit the event you’re attending. For example, it will be rude, I mean, really rude to wear a colored suit for a burial.

8. Carry a Leather Bag

Leather bags are additions to spice up a person’s outfit while sometimes, they can be a necessity. Opt for a leather bag instead of carrying those books in your hands. Carrying leather bags at work or at school makes you look more professional and goal oriented.

9. Get Fun Socks

A lot of people think socks are tiny and under-rate them; but are you aware they enhance the over-all uniqueness of an outfit? Apart from the fact that they keep your feet warm and dry all day, they are fashionable. Socks ranges from the regular plain ones to the bold and daring ones. Subscribe now at and trust me, you’ll have so much fun with your new socks and say good-bye to the old days of boring outfits.

10. Pay Attention to Your Hairstyle

Your hair has the power to make or break your outfit, and the right hairstyle with definitely make your outfit pop. If you have a “routine” or normal hairstyle which everyone can predict, take a break from it. Do something different. Let your hair down if you always have it in a ponytail or add a streak of hair dye in different colors. That will surely add a pop to your look.

These simple tips will make your outfit pop in no time. Do you have any other tips? Leave them in comments, we’ll discuss.

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